Jessica Weinkle

science, risk, politics... and society

Trust no one

The public has little trust in government.

It also has little trust in Big Business.  

GALLUP ... More data here 

Ironically, while there is little confidence in big business the public also thinks they are too regulated.  The percentage of those feeling that there is too much regulation is up from the early 2000's when people were generally equally split among believing there was too much, too little, or the right amount of regulation.  

I think we tend to want regulation for things we care about and look down on regulation on things in which we do not value.  For instance, a student recently explained to me that she doesn't believe in regulation except where the environment is concerned.  A couple days later, a chiropractor told me that he wasn't one for regulation but he doesn't believe Big Ag should be allowed to do what they do to our food (e.g. GMO's, pesticides and the like).  

But we all care about different things and so there is a lot of regulation.  That's the thing about negotiation and compromise, things are not exactly how anyone wants them.  Instead things are the outcome of give and take.  Though who gives and who takes, when, and how demonstrates who has more or less political power when decisions are made.