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Notes from tropical cyclone report 1970 Celia

Tropical Cyclone Report Celia

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Hurricane Celia with an estimated 400 million dollars in property and crop damage has the distinction of being the costliest storm to ever strike the Texas coast.  Even though Celia cannot be classified meteorologically as a great hurricane in terms of size and intensity, and must be ranked below many other Gulf hurricanes including such recent giants as Camille, Beulah, Carla, and Audrey, it inflicted a staggering blow to persons living around the Nueces and Corpus Christi bays.  Measured in terms of total deaths, Celia ranks far below such disastrous storms as the Galveston hurricane of 1900 and even in the Coastal Bend region, the 1919 hurricane claimed 284 lives in Corpus Christi, yet explosive construction along exposed coastal areas in recent years makes any metropolitan community susceptible to excessive property damage.  The Corpus Christi/Aransas Pass area is a prime example of this unfortunate modern day truth. (emphasis added)

The description demonstrates knowledge about growing cost of development in hurricane prone areas.

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The character of damage was primarily to roofs.  In many instances the roof was cleanly lifted off and deposited at a considerable distance from the house.  In some instances the roof and partitions of the upper floor were swept away leaving only the bathroom fixtures in evidence on the second floor.